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Under Armour

Storm the Centre

Under Armour

Under Armour teamed up with the NHL to create a youth hockey program for our great neighbors to the North. Players compete by completing weekly challenges in order to win UA gear and a chance to play on the same ice as their city’s NHL team. There were 3 cities that participated. The kids put their blood, sweat, and tears in it.


User Experience Strategy

UI Design

Branding Design

This competition lasted 6 weeks total. In that six weeks, our goal was to incentivize the users to generate content consistently throughout the competition. How do you get a group of teenage boys, their coach and their parents to want to post more video and image content while keeping up with their busy schedules?

I leaned heavily on the Hook Model — a four step process to hook users and form habits. Trigger. Action. Investment. Variable Reward. Repeat.


User motivation: Upload the best video content to win a chance to play at the NHL arena.


Although the biggest reward is the physical reward of playing on the pros' ice, it was important to incentivize and reward the users throughout the program digitally. As the team would complete a chapter (level), their badge would grow with a more glorified design. This badge was showcased on the profile and the discovery feed, which was visible to other teams.

Digital Rewards

In order to create that rewards feedback loop, one of the variable rewards were stickers. Similar to the concept of adding stickers to Instagram stories, the teams could unlock stickers to place on their video and image uploads. These were hockey centric illustrations that personally took a bit of research to represent hockey lingo.

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